Maintenance System for airport lighting equipment


The control panel displays a copy of one of the panels in the tower and can also be used for local control. The system includes an alarm list and a log of all actions in the system.

The engineer can also get warnings of such as earth failure, lamp failure, before an alarm occurs and the lighting system is degraded.

The number of components in the system have been drastically reduced by using a bus structure instead of discrete wiring.

The system is fully redundant.

Remote Control System


A remote control system from Mida Systems AB helps the air traffic controller to manage the airfield lighting.

The air traffic controller uses a touch panel to select light levels for all light systems on the airport depending on weather conditions and time of day and the display shows the current status.


The system controls and monitors the execution of all commands in the system and gives appropriate alarms if there is a malfunction. All events are logged, and can be retrieved for later analysis.


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